Dr. Skopintsev Dmitrij
Brief info

Chief physician

Dr. Szkopincev Dmitrij is a neurologist, family medicine doctor, therapist, Ayurvedic doctor, phytotherapist. He has several scientific works, some of which are directly related to the activities of the clinic, such as, for example, treatment of the musculoskeletal system with balneotherapy and alternative methods. Dr. Skopintsev participated in scientific experiments to study the effects of certain plant extracts on cartilage and connective tissue. The main task for himself is the synthesis of traditional European medicine with other medical systems – Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. He is actively involved in this area of ​​training and knowledge sharing. He gives lectures around the world. I am proud that he and his colleagues and like-minded people managed to create a clinic and a method that allows us to achieve good results in the treatment of a variety of diseases.

«Our mission is not to treat, but to cure people! The knowledge owned by the doctor does not belong to him, but to everyone who turns to him for help».