Objective: body purification, detoxification, weight loss, prevention of exacerbations of seasonal medical problems including colds, physical and psycho-emotional restart, preparation of the body for receiving the rejuvenating Rasayana phyto medicines.

Program includes:

Medical supervision;
1 x 120-min Ayurvedic treatment to detoxify the body (some medically prescribed form of treatment, e.g.: massage, Potli Vasti, Nasja, Gandusha, Sirodhara therapy);
1 x 120-min yoga, moovement therapy class;
A basic set of herbal remedies to purify the body and restore the metabolism;
Balneotherapy (every other day);
Customized purification procedures (upon medical prescription, e.g. Vamana, Virechina, Basti therapy).

Therapies are only provided in the first building.

The recommended duration of the program is 21 days (program length may vary upon consultation with the physician).