The history of our clinic equals to more than 28 years. Once the neurologist’s small reception turned into the modern clinic with two separate standing housing buildings with own treatment technique for patients. Our methodology is based on the Old Indian knowledge and Ancient Chinese healing traditions which are paired with the classical European medicine.
The approach of ancient systems is like-minded for us – the absolute aspiration not only to treat patients, but to heal them, rejuvenate and give them forces that are necessary for their internal harmony of Soul, Intelligence and the Body.
The complex approach to the healing provides the organism cleansing by means of different procedures, unique vegetable and mineral components intake, that awake the patients’ sleepy systems, giving them new forces for the revival.

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Dmitry Skopintsev
Founder of CALENDULA clinic, the Chief physician

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The founder and the Chief physician of CALENDULA clinic is one of those one-of-a-kind healers who make epoch-making discoveries, be burning with the desire to help people. He is the Doctor who does everything in power to save people from the sufferings caused by diseases, applying the knowledge of East techniques which successfully passed the test of time. The author’s technique of treatment made by doctor Skopintsev D.I. is fraught with all the best of ancient Ayurvedic treatises and the Chinese medicine in synergy when paired with traditional Western medicine.
Ayurveda is the traditional system of Old Indian doctoring that is world-wide recognized as the most effective system of alternative medicine. Its key point is the integrated approach to the patients’ treatment (the man is treated as the integral whole, without body separation from its soul). The traditional Chinese medicine is the important part of science about ” life upbringing” where besides medicine various methods of psychophysiological practicing and dietology are used.
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How can the acupuncture help with the weight loss? I am 33 years old, my weight is 125 kg.

It is necessary to understand first that the body does not contain any points for momentary weight loss. The traditional Chinese medicine performs several reasons of weight gain, but the main one is the energy defection, more properly to be said – the energy deficiency. This deficit is centered in the spleen channel. If the normalization of this channel operating takes place (and in parallel the patient’s eating habits are changed), then the weight will be normalized too. But do not forget about additional and obligatory measures - to eat according to the somatotype, to pay the focused attention to the physical activity. The acupuncture is the auxiliary method in this case.

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