In 1991, kindred spirit, close associates and friends met, such people, can meet but once in a lifetime. All of them were united by the same desire: to treat and cure. Each of us was able to provide certain medical services to conduct therapies. But we wanted more than just to engage in protocol activities. Thus, a new idea started up.

The first thing we did was accept the patient as the object of our devotion. Second, we turned to nature and borrowed its gifts that the Creator created for healing. We are not the first who followed this way: thousands of years ago, Vedic sages interpreted knowledge received by them into Ayurveda, or “the science of life” (in Sanskrit “Ayu” means “life”, “Veda” means “knowledge”). Our task was to find necessary plants, turn them into medicines and administer them to the patient with love.

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Dmitry Skopintsev
Founder of CALENDULA clinic, the Chief physician

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CALENDULA Ayurvedic and Medical Clinic is among the leading European medical centers; we combined here Eastern therapeutic systems with modern Western medical technology. Recovery in one of the most picturesque quarters of Europe at lake Balaton, individual programs of treatment and prevention, rejuvenation and rehabilitation, comprehensive diagnostics – all methods are aimed at identifying and eliminating the root cause of the disease.Physicians in our clinic successfully treat metabolic disorders (metabolic syndrome, diabetes), disorders of the autonomic nervous system and musculoskeletal system, allergies, effects of stress, chronic conditions, etc. Treatment process is based on an Ayurveda therapeutic part called Panchakarma for cleansing the body at the cellular level. Authentic Ayurvedic massages and procedures are provided by therapists from India.Phytotherapy is an integral part of treatment. The clinic has its own laboratory, where medicines are made with the use of more than 2,500 herbs and minerals, according to the recipes of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese and Arabic medicine. Each phyto formula is designed to solve a specific patient’s problem.

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How can the acupuncture help with the weight loss? I am 33 years old, my weight is 125 kg.

It is necessary to understand first that the body does not contain any points for momentary weight loss. The traditional Chinese medicine performs several reasons of weight gain, but the main one is the energy defection, more properly to be said – the energy deficiency. This deficit is centered in the spleen channel. If the normalization of this channel operating takes place (and in parallel the patient’s eating habits are changed), then the weight will be normalized too. But do not forget about additional and obligatory measures - to eat according to the somatotype, to pay the focused attention to the physical activity. The acupuncture is the auxiliary method in this case.

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