7 facts about Rasayana

“Rasayana” (from the word “rasa”) means “the source that gives life”. Rasa is the first tissue formed after the digestion of food, and the first taste that we feel in the process of receiving food.

1 Rasayana means “to give new life, to renew, to rejuvenate”. It is an anti-aging therapy.

2 A person, who wants to rejuvenate himself, must cleanse his body from toxins, balance doshas, and strengthen the digestive fire. This is achieved with the help of the Panchakarma procedures. When toxins are removed, voids remain. The goal of Rasayana is to fill these voids with new healthy tissues.

3 To do this, you need:

  • special nutrition
  • medicines that bring nutrients to certain tissues,
  • rasayana-preparations that rejuvenate tissue at the cellular level,
  • procedures that improve trophic tissue, skin turgor, nourishing it and conveying fat-soluble products in the form of oils,
  • breathing practices and yoga (asanas that improve the flexibility and condition of the joints).

4 Rasayana preparations act on the most distant tissues and cells of the body; they seem to stimulate the work of the intracellular enzymes in order to accelerate excretion on the one hand, and regeneration on the other one. Rasayana preparations contain the so-called basmas that are compounds of the precious metals (gold, silver), animal products (musk, pearls, etc.), and aphrodisiac plants.

5 Rasayana procedures are aimed at the body scrubbing and cell nourishment through the skin. For this, special baths and massages with special techniques of oil application are prescribed.

6 The course of Rasayana-therapy is prescribed after 35 years and after a complex or numerous births; in the cases of anorexia, mental and physical exhaustion. Rasayana is especially important during the onset of menopause (if its symptoms are mitigated and smoothed, or if its onset is delayed).

7 Food: Rasayana-food includes the variety of cereals: wild wheat (spelled), rice, dates, figs, grapes, raisins, milk with spices, juices of some plants, seafood, and caviar.